Getting on the shelf plan for success 
Getting your products broadly placed with retailers and e-tailers gives them maximum exposure to the largest number of consumers. The demand that this creates is the key to the retailers' success and yours.

Channel Sources offers a proven plan for success.


Before a product is accepted by Channel Sources, its potential market value needs to be evaluated.

At the market review, we examine everything - from product design, packaging, interface and documentation, to awards, reviews, and "star power.”

We base our assessment on technical evaluation as well as sales potential - the true goal. Once final sales and marketing strategies are formalized, we represent your product to hundreds of national retail decision-makers. The moment a product makes it onto the retail shelf, Channel Sources methodically manages and tracks sales, promotions, and pricing - all the details that affect the sales process.

Channel Sources works continuously with retailers on programs and promotions to maximize your products' fullest potential.

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